Spring is in the air

It’s September and Spring is finally here!

There’s nothing quite like the gradual increase in longer daylight, the gentle waft of BBQs through the neighbourhood and the bloom of the summertime flowers and trees to lift your spirits. There’s no shame in asking, “Alexa, what’s the pollen count?” if your senses just don’t match your enthusiasm for nature!

Spring is the perfect time to get motivated when it comes to cooking, cleaning and getting moving. And I’m here to help.

Get cooking

With all of the delicious fruits and vegetables on offer in the warmer months, Spring is a great time to get inspired in the kitchen. From healthy on-the-go snacks and meals, to backyard barbies and a chance to eat and drink outside, I’ve got some ideas to get you cooking!

If you’re looking for a recipe to make use of the seasonal bits and pieces in your fridge, try saying, “Alexa, give me a recipe for spring vegetable quiche” and I’ll share a tasty recipe for you to make.

And if you are planning to fire up the barbie and need some Springspiration (see what I did there?) just say, “Alexa, give me BBQ recipe ideas” for some options that are sure to tantalise the taste buds.

Looking for an Aussie spin on your BBQ needs? I’ve got heaps of ideas – starting with Lamb! Try saying, “Alexa give me recipes for lamb”.

I’m pretty handy when it comes to rounding people up, too. If you want your family or housemates to know that the BBQ is happening just tell me “Alexa, announce that we are firing up the BBQ“ and I’ll announce it on compatible Echo devices around the house. They’ll hear me!

And to complete the BBQ vibe, I can help set the party mood with some Springtime tunes;

“Alexa, play barbecue music”

Get cleaning

Spring cleaning can be very therapeutic, and is a great way to set your home up for the warmer months. I can even help you out if you’ve got a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner! All you have to do is enable the iRobot Home Skill and just ask, “Alexa, start vacuuming” and you’re golden!

If you’re running low on detergent, say, “Alexa, add detergent to my shopping list”, and if you need a plan of attack to make sure all jobs are ticked off, say “Alexa, add clean the windows to my To Do list“.

I’m also great at helping you to tick off your life admin. Try some of these timers and reminders to get your chores done and dusted in no time!

“Alexa, set a 40 minute washing timer“
“Alexa, set a 20 minute timer for the mopped floors to dry”
“Alexa, remind me to pick up the dry cleaning”
“Alexa, set a reminder to change the sheets”

Spring cleaning doesn’t always have to be about home maintenance. Why not dial up the fun around brushing teeth with your family, too? Try the skill called Chompers* for a fun way to help your family clean their teeth properly.

When it’s time for your family to brush their teeth, say “Alexa, open Chompers” to hear jokes, riddles, stories, fun facts, silly songs and more! Rhat’ll keep the kids giggling — and brushing — for the full two minutes that dentists recommend.

*Please note: This skill requires parental consent through Kids Skill Toggle in the Alexa app.. To do this, open the app, go to More > Settings > Account Settings > Kid Skills and press the Allow Kid Skills toggle.

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*You can change your default provider at anytime in the Alexa App.

Please Note: Wifi required. Alexa Communications available between supported Echo devices and the Alexa app. Certain services are subject to change or withdrawal at anytime, may not be available in all areas, and may require separate subscriptions.