Alexa Skills

Skills are like apps for Alexa. They help you access the information, entertainment or experience you want with a simple voice request. Choose your preferred skills — from footy and travel updates to games and relaxation — to build a bespoke experience. Why not give the skills below a go?

Try saying

  • “Alexa, help me sleep”
  • "Alexa, let's play a game"
  • “Alexa, let's workout”
  • “Alexa, play the Footy"
  • "Alexa, train my brain"
  • “Alexa, help me meditate”
Learn more about Spotify skill
"Alexa, open Headspace"
Learn more about Apple skill
“Alexa, open Triple M Footy”
Learn more about ring skill
”Alexa, open ABC iview”*
*available for screen devices only.
Learn more about Dad Joke Sundays
"Alexa, open Dad Jokes Sundays"
Learn more about abc skill
“Alexa, open ABC Emergency"
Learn more about Dad Joke Sundays
"Alexa, open Deadly Questions"
Learn more about disney stories skill
“Alexa, show me how to make a cocktail without alcohol”

Household Organisation

Alexa is something of a hit around the house. Create domestic bliss with skills covering everything cooking inspiration to knowing your bank balance.
“Alexa, open Wine Match"
"Alexa, ask
Westpac what's my account balance?"
"Alexa, open
“Alexa, ask
Domino's to place an order”
"Alexa, show me how to
make a cocktail without alcohol"
taste skill
stolen stars of matariki skill
“Alexa, meow meow
“Alexa, talk to
bark like a dog"
“Alexa, open
Animal Noises
“Alexa, open
How Many Sleeps

Fun with the family

Alexa has an array of family-friendly games, stories and experiences.

Please note: before kids can get started with these skills, an adult is required to enable skills for kids in the Alexa app. To do this, open the app, go to More > Settings > Account Settings > Kid Skills and press the Allow Kid Skills toggle.
“Alexa, open Blue's Clues
“Alexa, open
Animal Workout
“Alexa, open
Hansel and Gretel
“Alexa, open
Bedtime Explorers
“Alexa, open
Stolen Stars of Matariki
“Alexa, start
SpongeBob Challenge


Don‘t miss a minute of the action with live sports, scores, and punditry on Alexa. Wherever there’s sport, there’s Alexa, bringing you big name commentary from the race track to the cricket field. And footy fans, Alexa has got a treat for you: listen live to NRL and AFL games, get the latest news and results..
“Alexa, open Triple M Footy"
“Alexa, launch
"Alexa, launch
"Alexa, launch
"Alexa, play news from
Fox Sports news"
"Alexa, play the Footy"
alexa, open Triple M footy
headspace skill

Sleep & Relaxation

Alexa has skills to help you take some time out and switch off. Get some z’s with the Sweet Dreams skill, say “om” with the Headspace skill or drift away with the relaxing sleep sounds. However you like to unwind, Alexa has the ‘skills’.
“Alexa, open Night Night"
“Alexa open
Ocean Sounds
“Alexa, open
Sweet Dreams
“Alexa, tell
Headspace I'm ready to meditate”

Education & Learning

Building your brain doesn’t have to be a bore. Alexa has skills that will get your brain in gear but won’t have your grey matter groaning.
“Alexa, open Times Tables Streak
"Alexa, start
Scale Helper"
Alexa, play
Train My Brain
“Alexa, ask
TED Talks to play the latest talk”
"Alexa, open
First Five Forever"
"Alexa, what's the
Word of the Day?“
"Alexa, open
School Bell"
music quiz

Games & Quizzes

Test your knowledge or show Alexa you’ve got game by getting into adventure challenges. Alexa has plenty of skills to play.
“Alexa, read my mind
“Alexa open
Pirate Island
“Alexa, open
Would You Rather?”
“Alexa, open
Dad Jokes
“Alexa, open
Yes Sire
"Alexa, open
Trading Tycoon"
"Alexa, open the
Official Harry Potter Quiz"
“Alexa, open Awesome 80s
“Alexa, open
Trivia Battle
“Alexa, open
Voice of the Day
“Alexa, open
Smarty Pants Minute
“Alexa, play
Roald Dahl Trivia
“Alexa, open
Song Quiz

Transport & Travel

Whether you’re off on a weekend away, commuting or checking in, Alexa can help with your travel plans.
“Alexa, open GoGet
“Alexa, ask
Virgin Australia to check me in”
“Alexa, ask
when is the next bus to the city?”
“Alexa, ask
Qantas for my account summary”
next there skill
alexa tell me about skills blueprints

Skill Blueprints

Take tailoring your Alexa experience to the next level with Skill Blueprints. With Blueprints you can create your own personal skill, giving you the chance to write questions and answers for Alexa. Why not have a go at writing (bad) Dad jokes, penning your Mum a voice message or slamming your footy team with sledges.

Remember: before you can get started with the example utterances below, you’ll need to get setup using the Skills Blueprint page.
“Alexa, open my Dad jokes”
“Alexa, open my Mum’s story”
“Alexa, open My Birthday Trivia”
“Alexa, open Valentine’s Greetings”
“Alexa, open My Flatmate”
“Alexa, give me some advice”

Not finding what you’re looking for? Try Alexa Help