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Kick goals with the AFL and NRL skills on Alexa

Pull on your team jersey, grab a coldie, tackle a takeaway – and kick back with Alexa for the footy season. Catch the latest news, match-ups, ladder position and live stats. And Alexa’s got it covered with live commentary for every match, thanks to the official AFL and NRL skills. To get into the games, try saying...

“Alexa, play the footy”

No matter what code you follow, Alexa’s got it covered with live commentary for every game of the season, thanks to the official AFL and NRL skills.

*“Alexa, when is the next NRL game?” *

Stay up to date with game schedules so that you are all set with your team jersey!

“Alexa, launch AFL”

Using the AFL skill for Alexa, hear the latest news, listen live and get in-play stats on your favourite team and players – like how many goals they've kicked.

“Alexa, are the Tigers winning?”

See if your team’s on top during the game or say things like, “Alexa, who won last night’s AFL match?”

“Alexa, who won the 2003 AFL Premiership?”

Test your memory, challenge a friend or relive classic moments. Start with 'Alexa, open AFL", then try asking about everything from past AFL Brownlow Medallists and Norm Smith Medal winners, to which club topped the premiership.

“Alexa, launch NRL”

With the NRL skill for Alexa, listen live to every try and tackle, catch the latest news and find out the ins and outs each week. And don’t forget to personalise the experience by setting your favourite team via the Alexa App.

“Alexa, ask NRL for match reminders”

Get a nudge 30 minutes before your team’s matches each week. So you’ll never miss a moment.

“Alexa, launch Domino’s”

Keep your energy levels up and feed your passion with a pizza order from the Domino’s skill during a game.

“Alexa, which is your favourite NRL team?”

Find out which team Alexa gets behind - but keep the taunting clean.

“Alexa, which is your favourite AFL team?”

Find out which team Alexa will be cheering on from the sideline.

“Alexa, give me a footy sledge”

Like to get mouthy while watching a game? Of course you do! Alexa can help with what to yell at the telly. Just ask Alexa for a footy sledge.

“Alexa, sing The Losing Blues”

If your team is about to be dump tackled out of the game, sing your sorrows away with Alexa.

“Alexa, tell me a footy joke”

Alexa side-steps the sin bin with jokes on your favourite footy codes. “Why are the Parramatta Eels like shoulder pads? The 1980s were their high point.” Boom-tish!

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