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Dial up your listening experience with multi-room music on Alexa.

Crank up the volume and get into the groove with multi-room music on Alexa. This feature lets you drop beats – via multiple supported Echo devices and devices with Alexa built-in – throughout your house. With a single voice command, like "Alexa, play music downstairs", you can hear your favourite tunes in your living room, kitchen and bathroom at the same time. To hit the high notes with multi-room music, read on...

Blast music in every room

To get multi-room music setup, follow these steps:
1. In the Alexa app, select the Devices button on the bottom right of the screen.
2. Select the + button.
3. Then select Set Up Multi-Room Music.
4. Tap on the devices you would like to add to a group.
5. Select Next in the top right corner.
6. In the Choose a name screen, you can select what you would like to call your group, such as Upstairs, Downstairs or Living room. Alternatively, you can also scroll to the bottom of the screen and add your own customised group name(s).
7. Select Save.
8. To play music through devices upstairs, you would say, “Alexa, play music upstairs”.
Additional customisation: on the Devices screen, tap on a group name, such as Upstairs, to do the following: edit a group name or add additional supported Echo devices or compatible speakers.

5 music features to try

On-screen song lyrics

With Amazon Music Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited, lyrics are displayed on the home screen of Echo Show devices, meaning you can singalong to your favourite songs and albums. If the lyrics to your favourite song aren’t displayed on-screen, just say, “Alexa, show me the lyrics”.

Follow your favourites

Don’t miss an album drop, thanks to Artist Follow on Amazon Music Unlimited. With this feature, you'll receive notifications on device and in the Amazon Music app when your chosen artists(s) latest tracks are released or added to Amazon Music. To get started, just say, “Alexa, follow artist” during a band or artist's song.

Music alarms: wake up to the sound of music

Start the day on the right note with music alarms. Have your favourite song, station or artist wake you up on the daily. Try saying...
“Alexa, wake me up at 7am to Tones and I”
“Alexa, wake me up to Wham!”
”Alexa, wake me up to Katrina & The Waves at 6.30am“
”Alexa, wake me up to AC/DC“
”Alexa, wake me up to music“
”Alexa, wake me up to rock music“

Find a new favourite: “Alexa, what’s that song?”

Alexa’s music knowledge is on song. Hear a track you love – on Amazon Music, Apple Music or Spotify – and say, “Alexa who’s playing?” or “Alexa, what’s that song?”

Music routines: it’s party time!

Get the party started every Friday with a music routine. Routines allow Alexa to perform a series of actions, such as playing your favourite track and dimming the lights, with a single voice command. To get started, visit the Alexa app and follow these steps:
1. Select More on the bottom right of the screen.
2. Select Routines.
3. Select + to create a routine.

And here’s a sample routine...

To setup this routine, follow these steps:
1. Select More on the bottom right of the screen.
2. Select Routines.
3. Select + to create a routine.
4. Select the + sign next to Enter routine name
5. Type “It’s party time” and tap Next.
6. In the section labelled When this happens, tap the + sign, followed by the Voice icon.
7. Enter the phrase “Alexa, it’s party time” and tap Next.
8. In the Add action section, tap the + sign, then tap the Music icon.
9. In the Play section, type in Back in Black.
10. In the From section, select provider.
11. Tap Next.
12. Under Alexa, tap the + sign next to Add action, then tap the Smart Home icon.
13. Tap Lights.*
14. Tap Select All, followed by Next.
15. Select Brightness to dim the lights (slide bar to the left).
16. Select Next.
17. Tap Save on the top right of the screen.

*Please note: this routine does require compatible smart lights.

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