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Alexa has new features – ahem, Netflix, anyone? – for you to try right now. We run through the latest launches to hit your Echo device and Fire TV.

Pump up your entertainment experience

Netflix hits Echo Show devices

Your Echo Show can now take you to the best of the box office, with the arrival of Netflix. Whether you’re watching while cooking up a storm, or chilling in bed, get your favourite shows, movies and docos on your Echo Show. To get started, just say...
"Alexa, open Netflix"

Top tip

The video homepage on Echo Show devices just got a makeover. The new layout makes it easier than ever to browse available streaming services, including Prime Video, Netflix, ABC iView and YouTube. To take a peek, just say...
“Alexa, open Video Home”

New year, new look for Fire TV

Fire Stick Lite has started the year afresh with a bold new look. With a simplified Main Menu, improved category browsing and a new Profiles feature, the Fire TV experience is smarter, slicker and more intuitive. Take this for example: you can now easily navigate to different sections of the home screen by saying things like...
“Alexa, go to Library”
“Alexa, go to Find”

Top tip

Fire TV Stick Lite owners: get more from your device by asking Alexa for everything from the weather and news updates, to setting timers and controlling compatible smart home devices.

Lend Spotify your ears with podcasts about true crime, wellness, science and more on Alexa

Whether you’re a free or premium Spotify customer, you’ll have access to 1.9 million podcast titles, including Spotify Exclusives. To get started, just say...
“Alexa, play The Vanishing of Vivienne Cameron on Spotify”
“Alexa, play Health Code Daily on Spotify”
“Alexa, play the podcast Science Vs. on Spotify”

Get into a Routine (it’s not as dull as it sounds)

Routines 101

Before we launch into what’s new for Routines, here’s our quick beginners’ guide.

A Routine is an Alexa feature that can help automate part of your day. Routines give you the ability to launch a series of Alexa’s functions with just one action. You can kick off your Routine with a voice request, but there are other triggers available to you as well – like time of day, turning off a compatible alarm and more.

Here are some examples. You could set up a Routine to give you the news, the weather report and a traffic update whenever you say: “Alexa, what’s happening?” You could also set up a Routine where Alexa turns on your lights at sunset each day. Smart, right?

To get started, visit the Alexa app and follow these steps:
1. Tap More on the bottom right of the screen.
2. Tap Routines.
3. Tap + to create a routine.

Shared Routines on Echo devices: Too good not to share

Once you’ve built an awesome Routine or two, why not pass on some of your tech knowhow? You can now share your favourite Routines with friends and family – via text message, social media or email. To get started, follow these steps:
1. Open the Alexa app.
2. Tap More in the bottom right corner.
3. Tap Routines.
4. Open the Routine you wish to share and tap the three dots symbol in the top right corner.
5. Tap Share Routine in the menu, followed by Continue.
6. Share the Routine via text, email or social media.

How to enable a Routine that’s shared with you

To get started, follow these steps...
1. Tap on the link from your mobile phone. This will open the Alexa app.
2. Tap View Routine.
3. Review the content of the Routine.
4. You can also customise the Routine. Some of the ways you can do this are: adding or removing actions, changing the order of actions (tap, hold, then drag an action in the list), or making adjustments like device volume or light brightness.
5. Select the Echo device you want Alexa to respond from, then tap Save.
6. Your new Routine is now enabled and ready for you to enjoy.

That’s the theory. Now here’s the fun part – we’ve got some great Routines to share with you!

Routines on Fire TV

Here’s a hot new offering – you can now include Fire TV requests in your Routines. This game-changing new feature means you can turn compatible TVs on or off, open your favourite app, like Prime Video, Stan or Netflix, or play and pause a show – all with a single voice command. To give you some inspo, we’ve come up with an example Routine.

“Alexa, start movie night”
Alexa will announce your movie night through all your devices, sing a song while you grab the popcorn, dim the lights*, and open Prime Video via Fire TV!
Get this routine.

Routines on Audible

“Alexa, it's break time”
Treat yourself to a break with Audible. Alexa will set the volume and resume your current Audible audiobook – all you have to do is kick back and relax.
Get this routine.

Oldies but goodies

And finally… two easy Routines to brighten your day.
“Alexa, good morning”
Alexa greets you with a new fun fact or thing to try each day, then gives you the weather report.
Get this routine.

“Alexa, it’s getting dark”
Alexa turns on the lights and gives you a little compliment.
Get this routine.

Fun and games

"Alexa, guess that sound”
If you can tell a zipper from a record scratch, or always know which kitchen item smashed, take a squiz at Alexa’s new quiz! Listen close and see if you've got the best ears around – to give it a go, just say "guess that sound".

“Alexa, which deadly animal am I?
Australia is home to some of the world's deadliest animals! To find out which Aussie predator you are, take the quiz and see if you're a spider, snake or something deceptively dangerous!

Get your head in the game!

The NBL is a slam dunk of a skill!

Don’t miss a shot this season, thanks to a new skill from the NBL (National Basketball League). Listen live to the latest games and NBL podcasts, get the latest results and find out who’s next on court. And how sweet is this? The skill can even email you ticketing information, so you can cheer your team on in person. To get started, try saying...
“Alexa, open NBL”
"Alexa, ask NBL who is playing this week?"
"Alexa, ask NBL to listen to the live game"
"Alexa, ask NBL to remind me when the Perth Wildcats are playing next"
"Alexa, ask NBL what position Adelaide are on the ladder?"

Quick trick

Recurring Reminders

It’s easy to forget those dull tasks that are one big sigh, like putting out the bins or paying the bills. Thankfully, help is at hand with Recurring Reminders on Alexa. To get started, try saying....
“Alexa, set a reminder for the 25th of every month to pay rent”
“Alexa, remind me once a month to pay my mobile bill”
“Alexa, schedule a reminder for every other week on Thursday to put the bins out”

Please Note: Wifi required. Certain services are subject to change or withdrawal at anytime, may not be available in all areas, and may require separate subscriptions

*Compatible Smart Home devices required.