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Reviewed in Australia on 15 January 2020
I got this product to beat the summer. I however hurried myself without making enough research into the product. I would not consider this product a bad one, but I don't think its the best one out there and has some serious design flaws that I cant overcome.

1) I got this product on time and it was very well packaged
2) It has decent airflow at close distances sufficient for my personal use
3) It has an in built light which could be used maybe like a table lamp or for aesthetics.
4) Cool air to certain effect
5) Can run out of my power bank/laptop which kind of makes it portable.

1) There is no option for putting in ice crystal. I would consider this a design flaw as having a chamber to drop ice crystals would have certainly allowed for
greater effect. Pouring Ice cold water from the top which flows through a small hole into the bottom water reservoir is not something that can give great effect for extended periods. The unit does not come with instructions so I am not sure how to access to the water reservoir at the bottom to slide some ice crystal into. In any case its not something that is feasible

2) There is no drain outlet to drain excess water from the reservoir. This is also a design flaw in my opinion which does allow for easy way to replace water in
the reservoir unless you give it time by running it till it drains out completely or by pouring the excess water from the front of the grill. Not a huge deal breaker but attention to detail does lack.

3) No detachable USB cable. Which means there is no way to use a different cable if you want to use an extended cable. The unit comes with a USB cable with is
non detachable. so hopefully you do have your USB input within 1.5m Not a big deal though to most people out there but I believe detachable USB would have been nicer.

4) USB lighting and the cooler don't operate simultaneously. So either you flip the switch to start the fan or you flip it to turn on the in-built light. There
is no option to having them both work simultaneously.

5) There is no option to regulate the air-flow. So there is just one fan speed that this unit will operate in. So expectations need to be moderate while
considering this product. Which probably is what you get for the air coolers at this price range.

6) Water could spill from the sides if kept at an angle and water reservoir filled full. So positioning it on plane surfaces
could be necessary. For example working on a laptop on a sofa with this unit placed close by you on the sofa could cause spillage if there are inclines or if it shakes accidentally.

I would assume any cooler having this similar design could potentially have these drawbacks.
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