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Reviewed in Australia on 1 November 2021
After all my research on the Oculus Quest 2, Amazon Prime was the best possible deal. The price may sting for some, I was lucky enough to have a gift card to help me out. The experience for what you get out of it is worth it though.

It's absolutely true that the headset strap is hella uncomfortable after playing for some time and troublesome to adjust but there's an alternative you can buy - the elite strap. My purchase included the silicone cover which I completely forgot to put on the foam pad, so I can't quite say yet how that feels like but anything is better than the default foam pad.

Another negative jab is at Facebook itself. There does not seem to be a way to play the Oculus without having a Facebook profile. This shouldn't be forced upon users who wish to play a VR headset and have fun. At the end of the day, Facebook (or should I say Meta) has implemented this to help improve the product. There is no need to worry about privacy as you can hide your activity in your settings.

I bought Resident Evil 4 VR for this headset and it'll be the only game I buy on the Oculus. There's no shortage of games but they are pricey and it's still early days for their library. The rest of my VR games will be played on Steam using the Oculus Quest 2.
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