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Reviewed in Australia on 17 May 2020
The book sets out to explain 12 rules to improve your life using the traditional creation stories as the expression of collective knowledge of how to face life’s challenges — in particular, it uses a lot of biblical references. The author does not do that in a vain way though, and uses plenty of examples from his clinical practice and evolutionary science to justify his point of view.

Each of the rules are well explained in this way and makes an entertained reading. In particular, I liked rule 5 about how to discipline children, which was very funny (and very relevant also).

What I like most about this book is that the author openly acknowledges human limitations when facing life’s challenges; of our potential to be arrogant, resentful, and cruel — in particular, this being true of parents in relation to their children, something most parents might have a hard time contemplating.

I also like the fact that the author is not prescriptive in his rules but explains his reasoning to arriving at each rule, basically stating how life actually is — i.e sometimes harsh and difficult, sometimes joyous — instead of digressing on how it should be. At times, the author does go on tangents, an it might be a bit verbose, but it is never dull.
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