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Reviewed in Australia on 30 April 2021
I was so disappointed to find my Airpods pro to not be properly working. The first thing I checked was the noise cancellation which is one of the biggest features in this and it DIDNT WORK. Turning the noise cancellation was no different to it being off. I checked with another air pods pro which another family member had bought them at full price locally, and the difference was night and day. The sound quality when playing music was fine but this and the fact that the chime which is meant to tell you the airpods are connected to your phone, sounds like its from a cheaper 12 dollar airpod. Definitely don't buy this if your expecting a fully functional Airpods pro because without the noise cancellation, this is basically a Airpods 2nd gen which is 100 dollars cheaper than what I paid for (200 from full price).
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