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Reviewed in Australia on 31 October 2021
I really wanted to like these Echo Buds, and for a while (sitting still in a quiet space) they were great. Having Alexa right there was great. The audio sounds great and music is crisp and clear.

However I just couldn’t get the right fit for my ears, nothing I tried seemed to work. The left one would either fall out, or it would work it’s way out when moving. The microphones made my voice distant and on calls I was regularly asked to repeat myself.

The kicker for me was when going for a run, the sound of my running and my own pulse over took the music to the point it became unbearable. I tried turning noise canceling on/off but either way the amount of in ear noise was just too much.

So these will go back and I’ll end up going back (for now) to my 1st Gen Apple AirPods
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