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Reviewed in Australia on 16 March 2019
Wow, very seldom do you come across a cheap product that performs so well! I have a xiaomi smart scale, which I thought was a cheap price (paid $55) for a 'branded' bluetooth scale, probably the cheapest 'name brand' smart scales out there. Then there was mention of this Renpho scale, which already got so many high reviews it was annoying.

Anyways, on to the product. The Renpho does everything it promises to do, providing those 11 'composition analysis' details (check the description).

The app is really good 'flawless' is how my friend describes it. Uploads to Google Fit, and also to Open Scale which an open source app on Android. Really easy to setup and use.

Initially experienced issues with consistency but found that this was because we weren't on a flat enough surface, so just something to watch out for.

Also tested and confirmed that it DOES store weight records in case you don't have your phone with you, it syncs the missing records over during the next sync.

Haven't had to recharge the battery yet, and this is a bit different to the xiaomi (which takes AAA batteries). However, it's not too much of a hassle to recharge them, I think possibly it might be annoying if you want to weigh yourself and you find the battery is weak so have to wait for a charge. Or maybe long term (I'm talking many years), the battery capacity might drop to an annoying level and require frequent recharge, but not a problen.

- CHEAP PRICE (this was available for $22ish dollars during a promo)
- Lots of measurements
- Well made & Looks good
- App is great
- Lots of sync options

- No WIFI sync so you always need your phone to upload data, but that is fine cos adding WIFI would blow the price.
- Not a real con, but potential issue with built in lithium battery over long term use (I prefer using rechargeable AAA's) <-- this is more of a personal preference I guess.

So - if you are looking for a budget scale which does lots of measurements, this should be it - the highest rated smart scales on Amazon, extremely positive price on it. Step on it!

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