Customer Review

Reviewed in Australia on 30 June 2020
* Looks expensive
* Straps fit as shown on the photo (very beautiful)
* The band inside the hem isn't attached so it flips and folds on itself inside the hem! Every time I put it on, it takes me an additional few minutes to fiddle with the elastic band inside the hem to flip it back into place. Very annoying!!
* Little tight at the hem and looser at the bust than I hoped (I normally have a 34B) so it doesn't give me as much cleavage coverage as I'd like when bending over (wide hem, small bust person problem tho, have it with some expensive tops too).
* If you wear the top all day, the stitching on the straps can become a little uncomfortable, digging into the skin a little (might get better after wearing it more - I hope).
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