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Reviewed in Australia on 13 June 2020
For scales this cheap they are just as good as the expensive $150+ scales. I bought both the Arboleaf and the Renpho scales to compare. They basically come up with the exact same weight and details. The Renpho is $30 less than the Arboleaf scales but are not as visually appealing as the Arboleaf. I believe both scales are pretty accurate when it comes to weight however, the other measurements are subject to the information you put in about yourself. If you use sports mode then it says I am the same age I entered no matter what age I put in when I make a profile, If I leave it in normal mode it says I am two years younger at any age I try it at. The sports mode puts my measurements much less than the none sports mode which means this technology is giving details according to rules of how its been programed to and not on the actual reading of the person's body. This is exactly the same outcome for both the Renpho Arboleaf. I would say that no scale out there has the ability to accurately read a person's inner fat, water etc and we are probably away from it. Put aside these are both great scales for weight and for $30 the Renpho is definitely one of the cheapest quality scales out there.
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