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Reviewed in Australia on 25 April 2021
It's taken me a while to make the jump to wireless headphones and I've been pleasantly surprised by the buds pro.

The good:
- Great sounding. They have nice tight bass, good vocal presentation and a nice sparkle in the top end. The mid-range is generally good as well but in some music I would like it to be a little more lively.
- Light weight, you don't know they're there.
- They fit my ears nicely but your mileage may very. The tips plug in comfortably and the buds rest slightly on your lobe. They initially felt awkward like they weren't in properly but I got used to it pretty quick.
- Excellent battery life so far.
- Excellent connection strength with your phone (mine is S21). I lose signal about 10m at the other end of my house.
- Excellent call & microphone quality
- Great feature set for those into it - ANC, pass-through etc. all work well.
- Excellent integration with a Samsung device, wearables app is good.
- Touch controls generally work well, I'm still getting used to this and often tap the wrong number of times or whatever so I'm not so taken with this method of operation. I usually just use my watch to control everything but the volume, for which I use the buds.
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