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Reviewed in Australia on 5 June 2019
We had the FitBit Aria scales which cost us over $200AUD. They broke after about 18 months and we were not willing to spend that money again. After checking out plenty of reviews we decided to get these Renpho scales and it was one of the best decisions we've made in a while - the tl;dr is that these are great quality and great value.

You don't get much in the box - just the scales and a recharging cable. That's right - they're rechargable scales - takes about four hours to charge fully but the manual says you only need to recharge a couple of times a year so it's no biggy. Also they're Bluetooth so you don't get the scales automatically syncing with your preferred health app on their own. To sync with Apple Health or Google's equivalent you have to fire up the Renpho app on your smartphone and then step on the scales. We had no problems connecting to the scales - in fact it did it automatically on both our iPhones with no intervention from us at all. You can tell when the app's ready to sync the data back because it shows marching ants around the central weight display. Once it's connected, you step on, it weighs you and then pings the data straight back to the app. We've found the scales to be accurate.

The other data the scales show such as body fat, body water and muscle mass are all great indicators of general health and it's awesome to have this data pinging back automatically into the Apple Health app. It will also sync the data to your FitBit account if you want.

So I give these scales a big thumbs up. They're solid value and they work brilliantly with no messing about. If you've been looking at the overpriced big name scales like Nokia and Fitbit, you might want to save yourself a decent amount of cash and give these Smar Bluetooth scales a go instead.
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