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Reviewed in Australia on 28 October 2020
Illinois 1943, Ella Franks has been writing using a pseudonym, she’s caught out and sacked. She really wants to be a war correspondent and can’t believe her luck when she’s offered a new job in England. She travels to London, only to discover women journalists are not allowed to be anywhere near combat and the front line.

Sicily 1943, American photojournalist Danni Bradford is taking photos of the war with her best friend and work partner Andy and Major Robert Cameron is furious that a woman is in the middle of a war. The sparks fly between Major Cameron and Danni. The war continues, both end up in England and waiting for the allies to liberate France.

London 1943, Chloe is Andy’s sister and she’s a model for Vogue. The last time she was in France she met handsome Gabriel and she’s desperate to see him again. Despite having no idea how bad things are in France or what's happening with Gabriel and she makes the silly decision to return.

1944 June, D-Day ships are busy unloading soldiers and amphibious craft are taking them to Omaha beach. It’s so loud, planes constantly flying over, mines and bombs exploding and the German machine guns are firing nonstop. Soldiers are being shot, wounded, blown up and killed and its absolute hell. War is brutal and no place for a woman and all female journalists had been ordered to remain in England. Of course Danni and Ella ignored this order and both made it to Normandy. Eventually Danni, Ella and Chloe team up together; they rely on each other to survive when the war gets dangerously close and desperately try to get back to safety.

The Last Correspondent is an action packed story about three strong ladies breaking down the stereotypical barriers for women in the 1940's and its about their friendship, loyalty, courage and determination. When reading about the war, the authors descriptions of what was happening made if seem very real and five stars from me.
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