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Reviewed in Australia on 14 March 2021
I've had a pair of Echo Studios since December 2019 and have often wanted to write a review but I could never decide whether to give them 4 or 5 stars. I have finally settled on 4 stars.
The sound quality is excellent from such a relatively small unit but I do find they lack the "presence" of a full-sized speaker cabinet (but in fairness, that is comparing them with a pair of B&W DM-330's which cost thousands for a pair).
They are loud, but don't seem as powerful as a Google Home Max, though the sound quality is better.
I had no trouble pairing them as a stereo pair plus an Echo Sub.
I am disappointed that Dolby Atmos music is not available in Australia (and I suspect may never be) as it was one of the features that helped sway me to purchase the Studios.
While I love theses speakers and use them far more often then my DM-330's now, I believe they are more expensive than they should be. I always thought $279 would be a fair price rather than $329. I noticed today that they are currently on special for, amazingly, $279, and that is where I think they should stay.
I paid full price for mine more than two years ago, but don't regret it!
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