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Reviewed in Australia on 10 October 2021
Great first headset. I've tried the Rift S which was comparably similar, but the Quest 2's higher resolution makes pretty much anything seem pretty good with little to no screen door affect. Since my IPD is around 70mm everting always seems a bit blurry other then the exact sweets pot, but honestly you wont notice when actually playing something. Honestly you don't need to worry too much about IPD so if you are, don't be. It'll be an amazingly fun ride regardless. But I do recommend you get something to clean the lenses as they accumulate oils and moisture overtime which can make everything seem blurry. Just be careful not to scratch them lenses though.

Overall, great experience, modest battery size (given any longer than the 2-3 hour playtime is a bit disorienting and destroys depth perception at first (emphasis on the AT FIRST since now I'm fine, it like motion sickness, you'll get over it), comfortable fit (given silicone cover which you should DEFINETLY use), great tracking, great support, Facebook sign in didnt bother me since you can hide Oculus activity from your actual Facebook account upon setup, and good game library (sure pricey but free ones are good and browser offers many experiences (moonrider beatsaber alternative mainly)).

So yeah. Good headset. Motion sickness / depth perception will suffer at first but that's to be expected if its your first time anyways, good price since the 128GB re-release and no real need to worry about IPD, its not noticeable when in-game.

Good headset, good times.
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