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Reviewed in Australia on 20 March 2020
I note that Amazon in Australia no longer advertises this product as having 3D sound. When I paid $700 to buy 2 of these speakers, THEY DID advertise 3D sound. I later learned from Amazon support that 3D sound is a feature that isn't available in Australia ... just like the Amazon Echo Auto (for cars) that I bought that does not work in Australia and voice recognition on all Echo products that doesn't allow for more than one voice and is therefore useless in Australia. These are but a few of the features of Alexa that we miss out on in Australia, despite paying for them just as other countries do.

Now lets look at the claim of "High Fidelity" that the Australian Amazon site continues to state ... this is simply not true. They are very average sounding speakers and certainly not worth the price I paid.

I spent several hours trying to get them to work as a stereo pair. When playing music at any level, they struggle to hear and understand commands and get it wrong 50% of the time.

I bought, delivered and installed these speakers for a gift and I have to say, I felt pretty crappy afterwards.

The after sales service I received was also pretty average.

I'm sorry Sir, that feature is not available in Australia but if you stop using your Australian account and set up a US account (requiring you to set up your 38 light bulbs and all your other WiFi controllable devices all over again), some of the features you have paid for may become available. - Wow - thanks Amazon!
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