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Reviewed in Australia on 12 July 2021
This is great indoor fun and while you can operate in a small area suggest 2mtr square as a min. Headset works outside but the controllers do not in brighter then typical indoor. Games are amazing, cheap AUD$50, compared to traditional game units. We use as stand alone brilliant to swing around with out cords. Batt life not bad considering and the cast feature allows others to laugh (or scream) with you. There’s a good mix of games and a good number but would like to see more and more often, graphics not bad either. I wear glasses (multifocal) little fiddley getting on/off but overall comfortable. Shame that Oculus now owned by facebook and an FB acct is required, I dont have so use the wife’s - thing is while in VR I of course have full access to her FB account.. Overall very happy with the purchase, great fun - bring on Eesident Evil later in 2021…
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