Customer Review

Reviewed in Australia on 7 June 2022
The package is 1.7kg, so heavier than I thought it would be. Happy with the sound and screen. Typing is a little slow, but when up and running, voice commands as easy, not super quick, but for goodness sake, it is only $129 with free delivery, I would hate to see what tablet you would get for $129. You can look through the Ring security cameras, but takes a little to setup, so allocate 10 mins or so unless you Ring account is already connected to your Amazon account. The Ring door bell, but does not ding when someone hits the button. Good for playing music, 8" screen is good enough for watching a video in the kitchen while cooking. Have not tride lights yet, but I can turn all my Ring security light with just "Alexa, All Lights on" (May rename that :P). So all in all, I think it is worth the money, buy the time you get everything in sync, Ring, Echo, mobile, etc.
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