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Reviewed in Australia on 9 October 2021
I was expecting to be able to use this to easily play music from my phone as well as replace an Echo Dot for an all-in-one device.

Echo Studio is, unfortunately, good for neither of these.

1. As an Alexa device it is far too loud. We don't need Alexa booming at us that our timers have finished or that she's added items to the shopping list. Honestly its loud enough for our neighbours to hear and at times this can be cringe-worthy. There absolutely needs to be a max volume setting that applies to just Alexa to keep her at a standard useful volume.

2. Playing music. Also poor. The device should support Airplay over Wifi, and it should be logged into Spotify so that it can seamlessly play audio at all times. Instead it is just a bluetooth receiver which I have to pair / connect before I can use it. An additional annoying step making it a pain to actually use.

Speaker quality is not that good for the size and expense of the device. I was expecting better. Our living room is not particularly large, but we found we need to set close to the device max volume to get a good listening experience.

This of course means that the next time Alexa says something its deafeningly loud.

Seriously, did anyone from Amazon even test this device? Horrible. Going back to Echo Dot and no idea what to do with this junk speaker.
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