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Reviewed in Australia on 16 June 2022
The Show 8 is far superior to the lesser rated screens in terms of sound quality and the screen image, and it provides useful connections to other devices such as security cameras in the house. Picks up and personally identifies individual voices from a fair distance across space.

You can "drop in" on or view images/sound captured on Show 8s in other rooms which makes it perfect for monitoring children, the frail and elderly, or temporarily ill and isolated persons anywhere in the house.

Connects with either 2.4 or 5G wifi with an easy setup. A serial setup can provide complete internal and external home security system. Provides Amazon order and delivery notifications to the screen in real time. Connects Bluetooth devices and provides basic information such as weather and sports results. Timers, reminders, and alarms by voice control.

Has a good showing of art and environmental images and allows a lot of other types of nonsense to be conveniently turned off or discreetly limited. Camera can be blacked out when required. Voice controlled with options for renaming rather than "Alexa". Pretty limited instruction set, but can also be set up to control lighting and appliances, etc. Access to the internet via internal Amazon browser.

An expensive cradle/stand available at extra cost is useful for angling the screen appropriately.
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