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Reviewed in Australia on 5 January 2021
Perfect for haircuts at home (short hair)

It is very light compared to the typical corded variants.
It's battery life is fantastic (had over 5 haircuts and didn't need to recharge). This is important to me as I want to ensure the longevity of the product. Don't want a half done haircut ahaha! But also, batteries diminish over time so with a better and larger battery, it means the clippers have enough juice to finish a haircut but also strong enough to get through thicker hair throughout the haircut.

It is also easy to use.

Only points of concerns:
- The attachment points on the clips seem a little flimsy.
- The charging cable is way too short. A little longer will allow the clipper to be used effectively whilst being plugged in. The current cable is too short for a proper haircut.
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