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Reviewed in Australia on 22 January 2021
Good Ol Fashioned girl doesn't need boy to save her and be the hero,
She just needs someone to be there when things get hard and she the changes are heavy.

Kimberley was the picture perfect sister, the one her that by accident became the most like her mother. But when her husband left her, she finally has a chance to break the mold she put herself in. I down right enjoyed reading the growth she went through.

Burke was not what I expected at all. Actually I didn't know what I expected but that was not it. All gruff and tuff maybe, but really he was the teddy bare in lion skin. He had depth and the biggest heart. Kimberley finding herself was all that mattered, he could have came last and he still would have been there for her.

I kinda hope that we get to stick around in this world a little longer cause it's new and the rules are different to alot of other series' by this author. I would love to see where she goes with it and the characters she creates.
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4.8 out of 5
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