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Reviewed in Australia on 4 August 2020
I'll try to write a helpful review. I like TSLA and had about a half dozen other products of theirs before I bought these. The price is good, so I thought I'd pick up a couple pair of compression pants. Unfortunately, these offer almost no compression.

To get some perspective on my comment, I need to provide measurements. I am a fairly lean guy at about 6ft/182cms. My waist size is 86cm/33.5-34in (but I'm working on it!). I'm usually a medium, but on occasion need to go with a large (such as with Bonds or Jockey underpants). I bought these in medium and worried that they might be too small.

When they arrived and I put them on, I discovered that the waist was comfortable but not particularly snug. But the more important numbers relate to my legs. My thighs at their widest measure 54cm/21.3in and my calves measure 38.5cm/15in. It wasn't long ago that I was considered 'skinny fat' but, again, I'm working on it. My point is that while I have pretty thin legs, they aren't exactly twigs, especially my calves. Nevertheless, these in a medium are comfortable without being tight. They don't really offer any compression. I'm sure if I had say a pair of shin guards and thigh pads, I could fit them in without these pants being too tight--they're very stretchy. I might even be able to fit a half dozen Snicker bars around my calves, and the contents of a small fruit basket around my thighs--a few oranges and a banana for each leg would be easy. This isn't because they fit badly: it's just that they aren't at all tight.

Hope that helps. These might be exactly what you want. They aren't really what I was after.
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