Wi-Fi simple setup Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Wi-Fi simple setup?

Amazon Wi-Fi simple setup is a part of Amazon's Frustration-Free Setup program and enables customers to connect supported smart devices such as second generation and newer Echo Plus, Echo Dot, and Echo Show to their Wi-Fi network in a few easy steps. Wi-Fi simple setup is another way Alexa is always getting smarter.

2. How does Wi-Fi simple setup work?

For your new device to use Wi-Fi simple setup to automatically connect to your home Wi-Fi network, you need three things. 1) a new Wi-Fi simple setup enabled device (second-generation or newer Echo Plus, Echo Show, third-generation or newer Echo Dot), 2) an existing second generation or newer Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, or Echo Show device in your home that is already connected to your Wi-Fi network, and 3) a Wi-Fi password saved to Amazon. If you have all of these things and you purchased your device from Amazon.com.au, the new device will try to join your Wi-Fi network automatically using Wi-Fi simple setup. If you bought your device offline, or the device did not automatically join your Wi-Fi network, you can always open the Alexa app and follow the new Wi-Fi simple setup instructions to complete the setup with fewer steps than before.

3. Does Wi-Fi simple setup work with all Echo devices?

No. Echo Dot (1st Generation), Echo (1st Generation), and Amazon Tap do not support Wi-Fi simple setup.

4. How will devices know which Wi-Fi network is my network?

If you have already connected an Amazon device like a FireTV, Kindle, or Echo device and chosen to save your Wi-Fi password to Amazon, Wi-Fi simple setup will recognize the account linked to your previous device and automatically connect the new Wi-Fi simple setup enabled device using the same password you saved to Amazon. To learn more about Saving your Wi-Fi passwords to Amazon click here.

5. Do I need to purchase all devices on Amazon.com.au for Wi-Fi simple setup to work?

No, when you purchase Wi-Fi simple setup devices from Amazon.com.au using your Amazon account, the device is automatically associated to your account. This association allows the device to access Wi-Fi simple setup automatically to try to join your home Wi-Fi Network. If you purchase a Wi-Fi simple setup enabled device from an offline retailer, the process is still simple as you'll only need to open the Alexa app click on add a device and follow the Wi-Fi simple setup instructions to complete Wi-Fi setup.

6. Is Wi-Fi simple setup Secure?

Yes. Wi-Fi simple setup follows industry best practices for security. All devices are authenticated before any data is sent and data is only sent in an encrypted form. Wi-Fi simple setup will only use the passwords you saved with Amazon to connect compatible Wi-Fi simple setup enabled devices you have purchased from Amazon.com.au or scanned with a 2D barcode. Amazon handles any information it receives, including Wi-Fi passwords, in accordance with the Amazon Privacy Notice.

7. How do I save my credentials to Amazon?

During the setup of any Amazon device, you can choose to save your Wi-Fi credentials to Amazon. If you need to save new credentials, you can simply perform Wi-Fi setup on any Amazon device and choose to save your credentials again.

8. Can I choose not to use Wi-Fi simple setup?

Yes. It will be possible to disable Wi-Fi simple setup on your Amazon account through the Manage Your Content and Devices page. This will stop all Wi-Fi simple setup enabled devices from accessing Wi-Fi simple setup. When you disable Wi-Fi simple setup you will be required to manually configure all new devices you purchase and no devices will have access to Wi-Fi simple setup on your Amazon account.