Set a Custom Action in an Alexa Routine

Use a custom action to put an Alexa voice command into a routine.

When adding an action to a routine, select Custom to create your own actions for Alexa.

Type in what you want Alexa to do, just as you might say by voice, but without the wake word. For example,

  • "Set a timer for 30 minutes."
  • "What's today's weather?"
  • "Play my most recent playlist."

After entering your Custom action phrase, select Preview this action to make sure that Alexa responds correctly.

Tip: If your Custom action doesn't work, test it by saying the custom action phrase directly to Alexa. It could also help to check what Alexa heard when you said the custom action phrase. In the Alexa app, open More and select Activity > Voice History to see what Alexa heard. When you find the phrase that works, enter the text into your Custom action.

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