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Reviewed in Australia on 29 July 2021
I want to like these. They work seamlessly with my Note 20. The sound quality is good for earbuds, and the noise cancelling is solid. However, I have some major issues that ruin them for me.

Firstly, and this may be my ear shape, but they aren't comfortable for long periods and definitely do not stay firmly in ear. They do come with various size rubber doohickeys but unfortunately none of them help to keep them in my ear. There's absolutely no chance I could go jogging without them falling out -- and in fact even when talking, they start slipping.

The other gripe is they have a touch function which by default hangs up a call, and even when I set to "block touches" somehow they consistently reset that setting. So when they start to slip and I need to adjust them, I am forever hanging up on people. I've tried resetting the buds, disconnecting, updating the wear app, and still they randomly turn off that block touch setting! Googling has found others with the same issue but no solution. Really disappointing.
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