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Reviewed in Australia on 13 September 2019
Firstly, I am surprised by the several comments on this book that criticize the author's cursing language in this book. Are they real comments?! If cursing/swearing offends you, please let me say this book is NOT for you. Further, even if the author did not swear throughout his book, if swearing offends you, this book is NOT for you. You purchase & opt to read a book based on a man's life, his journey into the military (hardcore mofos), & his climb to supreme fitness - basically a book on being a hardcore, tough mofo - & you are shocked by his use of swearing? This book is NOT for you.

If you are not offended, and want a straight to the point, down to earth read that will benefit some element of your life in some way, you must read this book. You not only read the words on the pages of this book, but you will also feel -emotionally- connected to the author.

Goggins is a serious, tough individual & he expresses that & how it can help you in your life in some way.
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